Hmmm, not so sure about that.

Via WaPo:

Embattled Washington Mayor Vincent Gray called in a notorious predecessor, Marion Barry, to prop up his reelection campaign Wednesday afternoon. Gray got exactly what he deserved.

“Vince Gray,” Barry told a modest crowd in a church basement in Southeast Washington, “is a leader with a solid crack record.” […]

By coincidence, Barry had appeared in the same church basement two years ago to apologize for derogatory remarks he had made about Asian Americans — only to offend another group at the same event by referring to Polish people as “Polacks.”

After Barry praised Gray (and himself) at length, and after Gray said how pleased and honored he was to be endorsed by a man of such intelligence and acumen, reporter Mark Plotkin asked what had become of the tradition of winning the mayoralty with a biracial coalition.

“The reality is Washington has become a city of the haves and have-nots,” Barry said. Gray nodded and his supporters cheered. “I think it’s up to white people to be more open-minded,” Barry added, “and blacks are more open-minded than they are.”