They must have missed the “religion of peace” memo.

(MSN News) — The Malaysian Islamic Propagation Organisation (Pekida) said today that it was willing to suffer a bloodbath for Islam and the country, including defending the word “Allah”, Sinar Harian reported today.

The president of the government-backed Muslim body, Datuk Jamaluddin Yusof, said its members all over the country were always using their energy to protect and fight in the name of “Allah” in defending the religion, race and the country, the Malay daily reported.

He was referring to the Catholics’ fight to use the word “Allah” in its weekly publication, Herald. Last year, the Court of Appeal reversed a previous High Court ruling which allowed the use of the word.

This is after the Home Ministry in 2007 revoked the Herald’s printing permit for using the word “Allah”. The case is now with the Federal Court.

Christians who worship in Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic use the term “Allah”, which is Arabic for “God”. Sikhs also use the term in their religious rituals.

Jamaluddin said Pekida’s fight was in line with the organisation’s objective when it was set up, which was to defend Islam, besides ensuring that Muslims did not split over differences in ideologies.