I suppose we should be grateful they weren’t having sex with a student…

Via Daily Caller:

Rest easy, America, because a state appeals court has ruled that New York City’s Department of Education had no right to fire two female foreign language instructors at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School for getting busy in a classroom one steamy night way back in 2009.

In a decision handed down on Thursday, the appellate judges concluded that the teachers’ behavior “demonstrated a lapse in judgment” but was just “a one-time mistake,” reports CBS New York.

The instructors involved in the raunchy rendezvous are Spanish teacher Alina Brito, 34, and French teacher Cindy Mauro, 38.

Investigators say they had returned to school to see a student musical performance after going out for dinner and a few shots together, explains the New York Daily News.

At some point, they stole away to a dimly lit Room 337 at James Madison High for a quick romp. Specifically, the investigation alleges, one of the teachers was stripped from the waist up. The other one was down on her knees.

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