Taxpayers beg to differ.

New York, NY – Congressman Charles B. Rangel issued the following statement after the New York Senate failed to pass the Dream Act, a bill providing state financial aid for college for the children of illegal immigrants:

“I am disappointed that the New York State Senate, once again, failed to pass the DREAM Act.  The fate of many of my constituents in Manhattan and the Bronx depends on the enactment of this bill.  Our current immigration system denies some of the best and brightest students in the nation the chance to help America maintain its greatness. Many of them may have arrived here illegally by their parents, but they salute the Stars and Stripes and America is the only home they know. They deserve the same opportunity to contribute to our nation as Americans.

America is a land built by immigrants. Every day I am astounded by the positive impact that immigrants make in our District and across the United States. As one of the earliest co-sponsors of the DREAM Act when it was first introduced in 2001, I will continue to fight for its passage in Congress to ensure a better future for our immigrant families and of our country. I urge the State Senate to stop crushing the dreams of immigrant children in pursuit of success.”