Of course, media ignores she’s a Democrat, and she’s clearly clueless not to understand that any such gesture would not go over well, whatever she meant by it.

Via Biz Pac Review:

The double standard for Democrats was on display again.

A volunteer member of a small-town planning commission in South Florida caused a mini-stir in the local press last week when word spread that she’d performed a Nazi salute and mocked a town staffer with the words “Heil Hitler.”

Marcia Radosevich, a member of the Wellington Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board, caused such a stir that she resigned her post two months before it was due to end in May, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Interestingly, none of the coverage – which included at least four articles online and one television report – mentioned Rasodsevich’s politics, which are decidedly Democrat, as these heavyweight donation records show, compliments of CampaignMoney.com.

If a Republican donor who dropped $30,000 at a time making political donations to conservative causes were running around South Florida with his right arm extended, his politics would be in the headline of the Palm Beach Post story.

Radosevich is smiling when she makes the salute, but the “joke” didn’t go over well.