Lena Dunham

Would anyone even notice? Despite the fact that libs fawn over her HBO show, hardly anyone outside of their bubble tunes in, Girls draws only 800K viewers per episode, by comparison, HBO’s Game of Thrones draws almost 5 million and True Detective 3.1 million.

Via LA Times:

Perhaps we’ll be seeing less of Lena Dunham on screen in the future: The “Girls” talent says she might consider quitting acting to focus on some of her other work.
But don’t worry, she’s not going far.

“I don’t know if I’m going to want to act anymore. I’m always relieved on the days I don’t have to. I’d rather give parts to other women than be the woman having the parts,” the Golden Globe-winning 27-year-old said in the April issue of Glamour, which hits newsstands March 18.

Appearing in the critically acclaimed HBO series about four 20-something women growing up in New York isn’t the only thing on her plate. She created, writes and directs the series, which aired its Season 3 finale on Sunday. The frequently nude actress is also dating fun. musician Jack Antonoff, who has given her perspective on her career and, she said, came into her life during a major turning point. […]

It isn’t the first time Dunham has taken to Twitter to address issues. The outspoken celeb is no stranger to controversy, constantly taking to social media to call out her critics or say mea culpa. Earlier this year, she dealt with haters head-on when unretouched photos of her Vogue spread leaked online, and she frequently rails about sexism, touts feminism and makes quirky yet enlightened observations about the world around her.

Which brings us back to the whole acting thing: On Monday, the “Tiny Furniture” star returned to SXSW in Austin to deliver one of the festival’s keynote addresses, in which she spoke about Hollywood sexism, Variety reported.

“It’s a rough scene,” she said (via IndieWire). “It’s hard to always offer comforting words on that topic. I think about this in relation to the cast on my show, which consists of three very talented women and also some very talented guys. Our male lead, Adam Driver, has had a bang-up year in movies which could not be more deserved…. But the girls are still waiting patiently for parts that are going to honor their intelligence and their ability.

“The world is ready to see Adam as a million different men — playing good guys and bad guys and sweet guys and scary guys. The world is ready to see Adam do all that. It’s not ready to see Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet or Jemima Kirke stretch their legs in the same variety of diverse roles. … And this is not a knock on Adam’s talent…. It’s a knock on a world where women are typecast and men can play villains, Lotharios and nerds in one calendar year and something has to change and I’m trying.”