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He’s posing with another person termed a “political prisoner” in the Instagram caption,Laura Whitehorn, who was a terrorist bomber. Conway apparently still views himself as a victim for sneaking up on two police officers sitting in a car, officers who were not bothering him. He shot one dead and seriously injured the other for life.

BALTIMORE (AP) — A former leader of the Black Panthers has been released from prison more than four decades after being convicted of killing a Baltimore police officer.

Sixty-seven-year-old Marshall “Eddie” Conway was freed from the prison in Jessup on Tuesday. It came after state prosecutors agreed to change his life sentence to time served and probation.

Conway is one of dozens of inmates who have been released after Maryland’s Court of Appeals ruled in 2012 that judges had given improper instructions to juries before 1980.

Conway was convicted in 1971 of fatally shooting 35-year-old Donald Sager as Sager and another officer sat in a marked patrol car in April 1970.

He has always denied any participation in the attack.

Here’s some background on the case.