Via NY Post:

KIEV, Ukraine — Hundreds of demonstrators waving Russian flags have stormed a government building in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

The region is the home area of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled the country after massive protests in Kiev.

An AP photographer, who was in Donetsk, said more than 2,000 people gathered in the square Wednesday afternoon outside the regional administrative building before groups of men broke through police ranks and smashed their way into the building.

Many of the protesters waved Russian and other flags. Many chanted “Russia! Russia!”

It wasn’t immediately clear if there were any injuries.

Several government buildings around Ukraine, particularly in the east, have been seized by pro-Russian demonstrators in recent days.

Interestingly, the WSJ found out two days ago that “pro-Russian demonstrators” in Donetsk were actual Russians being bussed from Russia into Donetsk to take part in demonstrations. So perhaps the “locals” had a little outside “help”.

Polls in the region over the years showed virtually no support to leave Ukraine and join Russia. During the weeks of unrest in Kiev, Donetsk was quiet. Then suddenly on Saturday as many as 10,000 turned out in Lenin Square, a large number by local standards.

A few things in the crowd stood out. Some of the watches that people wore were set to the time in Russia’s Rostov region just across the border. Some demonstrators spoke with the harder “g” sound common in Russia. By one count, at least eight buses with Russian license plates were seen near the site. And where did so many Russian flags appear from in Ukraine? In Kharkiv and other towns, the core of protesters for Russian intervention seemed to be Russian citizens.

The game is afoot!