Ironically, Leto is also a moonbat.

Via Noah Rothman:

Comedian and The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead joined MSNBC host Ronan Farrow on Monday to react to the speeches delivered by actors and actresses at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony. Winstead said that actor Jared Leto missed an opportunity when he decided to address the ongoing crisis in Ukraine resulting from a Russian military invasion rather than the transgendered.

“The movie that he just won the Oscar for, if you talk about an invisible community that needs an advocate, the trans community is there,” Winstead observed. “I wish that he would have taken that time.”
“Not that the Ukraine isn’t awful,” she continued. She added, however, that a more powerful statement from Leto would have been one centered exclusively on the plight of transgendered individuals.

“That, to me, would have been a really awesome moment instead of, ‘I know Ukraine is happening,’” Winstead critiqued.

“A missed opportunity,” Farrow said. Winstead agreed.

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