The left has a new hero.

(Daily Mail) — Sarah Palin has won a new restraining order against teenage stalker Shawn Christy after alleging that he threatened to rape her daughter.

A judge in Anchorage, in Mrs Palin’s home state of Alaska, granted the former Republican candidate for vice-president the new temporary order after she claimed that he had become more ‘brazen’ in his threats to her and her family.

Legal submissions do not make clear which daugther Mrs Palin claims was threatened, but elsewhere in her depositions she mentioned that Christy targeted Willow in his threats and that they had ‘bothered [her] tremendously.’

Just last month Christy was arrested by the FBI in Anchorage, Alaska, 50 miles from Mrs Palin’s home town of Wasilla.

Christy had originally been issued a court order in October last year warning him to keep away from the Republican former-vice presidential candidate.

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