Common core is so progressive and forward looking

Via Allen B. West

This morning while sitting in the Palm Beach International Airport awaiting my flight, I had an interesting thought about how common core math explains Obamacare.

As I understand it, common core math is not based on a student getting a correct answer, but just showing how they got an answer. Remind me never to cross a bridge built by an engineer trained using common core math. With common core math, if you can show how you came up with 12×10=100 you can pass — of course you will have difficulty with simple fiscal tasks, but then again common core math is ready-made for liberal progressives.

And that leads me to the symbiotic relationship between common core math and Obamacare. Yesterday President Obama stood before his darling little angels of Organizing for America — after all they are doing god’s work, freaking unreal. Obama was just ecstatic telling the gathering of mindless lemmings that due to their efforts they have 4 million signed up for Obamacare.

Ok, here is where common core math steps in. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is on record stating that the goal for Obamacare signups by end of March was 7 million — oh yeah, she tried to say that number came from the Congressional Budget Office. I guess another part of common core is that lying equals the truth.

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