Confirms what we already knew, the SPLC is a pathetic joke.

Via Columbus Dispatch:

The number of hate groups and “patriot” groups in Ohio each fell by about 14 percent in 2013, according to data released yesterday by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Montgomery, Ala.-based civil-rights organization counted 31 hate and 30 patriot groups in the state in 2013. That compares with 36 hate and 35 patriot groups in 2012. […]

No longer identified as hate groups are a Columbus-based Nation of Islam group, classified as “ black separatist,” and the Chillicothe-based Crusaders for Yahweh, termed an “identity” group.

The center’s report said the shutdown of Crusaders for Yahweh’s 30 chapters was largely responsible for the nationwide drop from 54 to 37 in the number of “Christian identity” groups. Christian identity is defined in the report as “a racist reading of the Bible that describes nonwhite people as lacking souls and Jews as the biological descendants of Satan.”

At least three of the Ohio patriot groups are in the center of the state: the Ohio Minutemen Militia in central Ohio; the Constitution Party in Delaware, categorized as a “political/citizen” group; and the Zanesville Patriots, categorized as a “patriot: support” group. Nine other groups operate statewide.