Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

(ABC News) — President Obama today surprised a group of 8th graders from Colorado visiting the White House today who would not have enjoyed their trip to Washington, D.C., as much if there had been a government shutdown.

“Are you having fun,” Obama asked surprising the students, gathered on the South Lawn driveway who were unaware they’d be meeting the president today, just told they were getting their photo taken at the White House.

Mr. Obama referenced this class in his remarks Friday night from the Blue Room off the White House after a deal was negotiated, highlighting an example of who would benefit with no shutdown. One of the students parents had written a letter to the president last week expressing how important this trip was to the students. . . .

“I completely agree,” Obama said, “one of the debates that we’re going to have, not just on the past two months but over the next six months is what we spend our money on, at the state level and federal level and d what is our highest priorities.”

“Sometimes I get a little frustrated that the debates aren’t more honest or as clear,” he concluded, adding that overall it is a good job, with a “really nice backyard.”

And with that the president took a photo with the students, said his goodbye, and then took off his suit coat, flipped it over his shoulder and strolled down the White House driveway on a very warm spring day.