To be followed shortly by her next crusade, making sure people don’t forget to breathe.

Via Keith Koffler:

It’s all part of the so-called “Drink Up” campaign.

My God. Didn’t first ladies used to do temperance? This is an outrage.

Oh, wait a second. She’s talking about water. […]

So First Lady Michelle Obama will trek to New York City Thursday to urge Americans to drink more water. And it’s not a moment too soon.

From the White House:

First Lady Michelle Obama will visit WAT-AHH!’s Taking Back theStreets exhibit at the New Museum in New York City. Taking Back theStreets is a celebration of street art in honor of Drink Up, the Partnership for Healthier America’s initiative that encourages all Americans to drink more water. This exhibit will use the visual arts to remind kids and parents that choosing to drink water is one of the best and easiest decisions we can make each and every day.

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