I’d bet good money it was a lib (and there is no shortage of them in Minnesota these days).

ST. PAUL, Minn. — It may have burned for awhile; Pham’s daughter took pictures of her father trying to knock down the flames. Fire investigators were going over the garden a few hours later. If they find evidence of arson, they are expected pass the case on to police.

“It pains me, it’s very upsetting. This means a lot to him. This is where he finds joy and where he spends a lot of his time,” Phan said about his retired father-in-law.

The statue took months to ship. It is a replica of a massive one Pham helped build more than 40 years ago in his hometown of Vung Tau, Vietnam. Pham says he was jailed for his catholic beliefs before he fled the country for Minnesota.

The statue was put in place last October and a month later, Phan says, the city received a complaint about it. The family requested a variance after officials found it was not the required 40 feet from the bluff line, but that request was denied by the city council a few days before the fire.

The family wonders if the fire was racially or religiously motivated, wondering why someone would try to burn marble; guessing it was merely meant to send a message. “Why does somebody need to go this far?” Phan wondered.

Update: These two make good points:


OK, radical militant Christians, time to riot. I know you’re out there because the media tells me so.


Expect those evil Christians to start rioting and beheading any minute now./

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