Never let a crisis go to waste.

Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama on Friday will travel to California to announce new executive actions to combat the state’s drought and will attribute the growing frequency of such conditions to climate change.

Obama will announce the expediting of $100 million in assistance for livestock producers, $60 million in food-bank funding for families affected by the drought and another $15 million for areas nationwide most severely harmed by dry conditions.

On a broader level, the president will use his trip to Fresno, Calif. to urge leaders to do more to fight climate change. The president will call for a $1 billion “climate resilience fund” in his budget next month, according to the White House — but the proposal is likely dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled House.

“Weather practically everywhere is being influenced by climate change,” said John Holdren, assistant to the president for science and technology, previewing the event for reporters.

“You can expect that the president will talk about the connection between the increasing [frequency of drought] and climate change,” he added.

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