How dare they mock Dear Leader!


Obama’s comment that the U.S. would come down on companies not complying with the sanctions against Iran “like a ton of bricks” came under satiric scrutiny in a Tehran TV morning show. The TV host, reacting to Obama’s comment made during a White House press conference with French President Hollande on Tuesday, said that instead of taking a “ton of bricks,” Obama should take “just one brick and knock it against his head” or else “go back to his old job of unloading bricks.”

Following are excerpts from the comment, aired on Tehran TV (Channel 5) on February 13, 2014.

TV host: Obama said that companies that would trade with Iran, disregarding the sanctions, would put their credit score at risk. Then he added that any company that would violate the sanctions on Iran – America “will come down on them like a ton of bricks.” Listen to this… The U.S. would come down on that company like a ton of bricks. It would destroy it.

Is America like a bogeyman? We don’t want to portray it like that, but Mr. Obama himself is insisting on imposing such an image. We keep saying that we are okay with America and its people, and so on. We keep trying to mend the relations, and then along comes Obama and says something that ruins it all.

So this is my foreign policy advice to the Americans when dealing with Iran: First of all, Mr. Obama, don’t waste a ton of bricks. I sense a personal problem here… Instead of wasting a ton of bricks, take just one brick, and knock it against your head. Perhaps parts of his brain will swap places, and his perspective will change.

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