A member of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s transition team Bishop Orlando Findlayter has two outstanding warrants. He was arrested after a NYC Patrolman checked him for warrants during questioning on the street. Mayor de Blasio put a call into a top NYC cop and hours later his friend was let go WITH TWO OUTSTANDING WARRANTS

Via NY Daily News:

Mayor de Blasio spokesman Phil Walzak confirmed that the mayor called a top police official early Tuesday morning to find out more about the arrest of Bishop Orlando Findlayter, a member of Mayor de Blasio’s transition team, who was wanted on two outstanding warrants.

A church pastor with outstanding warrants — and a position on Mayor de Blasio’s inaugural committee — dodged a night in the slammer after Hizzoner made a call to one of the city’s top cops.

Bishop Orlando Findlayter, 50, was released from custody early Tuesday after de Blasio inquired about his status.