The SEIU actually had put out a video lobbying for her selection for Labor Sec. More fun background on Hilda Solis here.

Via Breitbart:

A lawsuit filed in federal court in California reportedly accuses former Obama administration Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis of accepting free private jet flights, paid for by a powerful local union, during her confirmation and without disclosing the flights as in-kind gifts as required by law. The lawsuit is reportedy a RICO claim filed by union members alleging corruption by leaders of Local 12 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

At the time of her confirmation in 2009, Solis, then a U.S. Representative, was controversial because of her close ties to unions and her advocacy on behalf of “card check,” euphemistically known as the Employee Free Choice Act. Card check would end the secret ballot in elections to form a union, and would allow unions to obtain a majority in their favor by obtaining–or, critics say, compelling–members to sign authorization cards.

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