Maybe if you live in France.

Via RCP:

MAHER: Yeah disincentives to work are not always a bad thing. Americans work too much. Americans are over-worked, overstressed. They take less vacation time. They don’t retire when they want to. Not everything is GDP.

S.E. CUPP: No. Um, no. Disincentivizing work, up until two days, was agreed by Democrats and Republicans to be not a great thing. The project of economics on the left and the right has always been to come up with welfare programs that disincentivize work the least. Why? Work is dignity. Work is social and economic empowerment. Work is women’s lib. Work is opportunity. So this false argument that somehow disincentivizing 2 million people to work and leave the economy is now a good thing is bull. It’s absolute spin.

MAHER: You’re work is all that. When I worked at Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips throwing fish pieces into a vat of boiling oil it was not dignity.

CUPP: Wasn’t that more dignity than no work at all?

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