I doubt the Stradivarius was going to be used in a recording studio

Via FOX11

A one-time art thief charged with stealing a multimillion-dollar violin once told an acquaintance that type of robbery was his dream crime because of the instrument’s value and the ease of grabbing it from a musician walking down the street, according to court documents.

Salah Salahadyn, 41, was charged Friday in the January theft of a Stradivarius violin taken from a concertmaster as he got into his car after a performance in Milwaukee.

Salahadyn and a second man charged in the theft, Universal Knowledge Allah, 36, appeared in court Friday. Both have been charged with being a party to robbery. Allah is also charged with possessing marijuana. Salahadyn was previously identified as Salah Jones.

Salahadyn’s public defender, Alejandro Lockwood, left the hearing without talking to reporters.

Allah’s defense attorney, Paul Ksicinski, said the criminal complaint says his client wasn’t present during the robbery. The complaint filed Friday does say Allah bought the stun gun used in the attack.

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