Along with being the most racist caucus in Congress, they are also the most liberal.

Via Washington Examiner:

Democrats in Congress sponsored 618 bills in 2013 that would have spent at least $1.35 trillion, and Republicans sponsored 147 bills worth $635 billion, according to a Washington Examiner analysis.

The figures provide an unusual insight into what members of Congress would do if they ran the show and had a free hand to spend tax dollars.

Of the 70 members who sponsored the largest number of spending bills, 65 were Democrats, four were Republicans and one an independent. […]

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus occupied 10 of the top 20 positions on that “attempted spenders” list, largely due to the group’s tight discipline and frequent support for proposals to create huge numbers of tax-funded jobs for the unemployed.

Topping the list of congressional advocates for more spending was CBC member Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., who sponsored or co-sponsored 49 measures that, if enacted, would have spent well over half a trillion dollars.

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