Nothing Reid loves more than using taxpayer money to kill babies (with cowboy poetry being a close second).

Via Weekly Standard:

From a rough transcript of Democratic majority leader Harry Reid’s remarks on the Senate floor this morning:

Now, speaking of distractions, the House is now going to pass a short-term stopgap. It’s a nonstarter over here, Mr. President. Doing that is a sure way to close the government. There are no more short-term extensions unless it’s a clean continuing resolution to allow us a few more days to work on matters related to funding — matters related to funding the government. The president has told the speaker that. I have told the speaker that. Republicans in the Senate have told the speaker that we can’t pass another short-term c.r. It’s not only bad policy, it’s a fantasy. As I said last night, this is a nonstarter in the Senate. the president told the speaker that last night.

So Reid is saying that the Senate is willing to vote for, and Obama is willing to sign, a “clean continuing resolution” — just not one that includes any riders or, more accurately, funding limitations. The one week continuing resolution (C.R.) introduced by House Republicans would fund the entire government for one week and fund the military for the rest of the year.

There are only two “riders” in this budget stopgap. The first prevents federal funds from being used to build a detention center on U.S. soil for Guantanamo detainees or for bringing those detainees to the United States. But Reid didn’t say anything about that rider in his remarks.

Instead, Reid said that “the two main issues that are holding this matter are up the choice of women, reproductive rights, and clean air. These matters have no place on a budget bill.” By clean air, he means the amendment to keep the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide emissions. That rider is not included in House Republicans’ bill.

The only other rider in the one week C.R./year-long troop funding bill regards taxpayer-funding of abortion in the District of Columbia.

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