Methinks Chuck was trying to escape De Blasio…if he was holding you, wouldn’t you want outta there?

Via NY Post:

The first fumble of Super Bowl Sunday belonged to Mayor Bill de Blasio — who dropped the Staten Island Zoo’s groundhog early Sunday morning.
De Blasio was trying to handle Staten Island Chuck when the anxious animal squirmed right out of the mayor’s hands and fell on his noggin.
“Next year they’ll need a net,” said Ann Jackman, who was at the park with her 14-year-old daughter.

“Look how tall he is. Can you imagine falling from that height?”

Eventually, Chuck witnessed his shadow and ran back inside, predicting 6 more weeks of winter.

“Chuck likes the polar vortex,” de Blasio said to a parade of boos.

But at least the mayor got away unscathed. Unlike Mayor Bloomberg’s Groundhog Day mishap in 2009, Chuck did not try to chomp on his hand. “In Brooklyn, we bite back so Chuck has been forewarned,” de Blasio said.

Frontal view:

Consolation for those in the South, though. Southern predicting groundhog- General Beau Lee of Atlanta- did NOT see his shadow, so the folks in Atlanta are going to catch a break, only two more weeks of winter.

HT: Louisiana Mom for tip on General Beau Lee