Obama recognized U.S. Army Ranger Corey Remsburg during the SOTU speech. Remsburg got a standing ovation, as he was escorted to his seat. He nearly died from a roadside bomb while serving in Afghanistan but has fought back from numerous injuries.

Remsburg deserves all plaudits.

Obama however was using him to demonstrate his, Obama’s, care and concern for the military.

Yet, Obama has no love for the military, and that is demonstrated by his actions.
-National defense has drastically declined under Obama, despite being “a core constitutional function of government”, while entitlement spending has tripled. Defense spending is 14%, entitlement spending 70% of spending. This has left soldiers wanting, everything from supplies to hot meals that they used to get.
– His “Rules of Engagement” in Afghanistan have reportedly resulted in thousands dead or injured, including the deaths of Seal Team VI, the guys that got Bin Laden. These rules are driving morale right into the basement.
– He is tripling the Tricare military health premiums
– He fought Republican opposition in order to be able to cut veterans benefits that had been promised, harming exactly the people Remsburg would represent, young disabled Afghanistan veterans.

So when your actions deliberately target and harm those you claim to be praising, forgive me, Mr. President, if I don’t take your professed concern seriously…