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More sop to unions, who will get paid anyway. The school year is already only about 183 days, you are mandated by law to have 180. But since they have control of council, no doubt this will fly through.

The city’s two newly minted leaders want to give kids yet another school holiday — this time for the Lunar New Year.

After endorsing a plan to shut schools for two Muslim holidays, Mayor de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa said the Asian holiday should also be honored with the day off.

But the hit to taxpayers would be in the millions of dollars for each day, since school personnel would still have to be paid.

Officials would also have to scramble to rejigger the school calendar to meet minimum state attendance requirements.

“We live in a city as diverse as New York, where our families and cultures represented here, need to be respected,” Mark-Viverito said Friday as she joined local and state politicians at a Queens rally to push for the extra holiday.

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