Yesterday, CNN’s Dana Bash started the attack on Mike Huckabee.

That was picked up and expanded on by Kasie Hunt of NBC:

Then it was off to the races with every leftist going crazy:

Jessica Valenti a board member of The Nation not only repeated the lie, but after I called her out on it, continued to try to find justifications to attack him.

She then denigrates the elderly. See how that works, Jessica?

What did Huckabee actually say?

That’s right, not anything that they claimed. In fact, he was, correctly, calling Democrats out on their paternalistic approach to women. He was criticizing Democrats for diminishing women, the polar opposite of what Bash et al claimed.

Bash and Hunt subsequently “clarified” their erroneous tweets, sticking in the words “he said Dems said” but that was a bit like locking the door after the horse had already gotten out. Their damage was done and the attacks dogs were off to the races.

Hey leftists? When you spread lies to promote your agenda, YOU are the intolerance of which you speak!