Reports beginning to flood in, it took the facade off the building, dead and injured reported. You can see the force of the explosion blew out windows and even the air conditioners. Three guesses as to the culprits.

Via BBC:

There has been a large explosion in the Egyptian capital Cairo, near the city’s police headquarters, state TV reports.

There are reports of casualties. The AFP news agency has reported one person has been killed.

Eyewitnesses speak of smoke rising over the city centre, and there are reports of gunfire after the blast. It is unclear what caused the explosion.

Newspaper reports say the front of the police building has been damaged and emergency services are at the scene


CAIRO: The body of a man suspected to be the suicide bomber behind the explosion in Cairo’s Security Directorate was found on Friday.

Police created a security cordon around the body, outside the main gate of the security directorate building.

The body is of a man with a shaved head whose facial features have been obscured due to fatal injuries from the explosion, and his fingers were blown off, reported Youm7.

Security forces found a piece of clothing nearby, possibly a jellabiya – a traditional loose garment, which is believed to have been worn by the man.

Following the bombing, which left three dead and 35 injured, security forces intensified their presence at the vicinity of the Ministry of Interior building and Lazoghly Square.