Paul Fishman

This is getting a bit crazy now. I think it’s valid to ask questions about the lane closings. But why the heck are you serving the state republican party, except as an effort to intimidate or fish for something wrong? There is no reported connection between the party and this incident of which I am aware. Mr Fishman, who is handling the case, needs to justify his subpeonas.

Meanwhile in real intimidation cases with the IRS, FBI can’t even be bothered to interview any of the 292 complainants….

Via NYT:

Federal prosecutors in New Jersey conducting a preliminary inquiry into accusations that aides to Gov. Chris Christie shut down access lanes to the George Washington Bridge as political retribution have issued grand jury subpoenas to Mr. Christie’s re-election campaign and to the state Republican Party, the lawyer for the campaign and the party said Thursday.

A person briefed on the matter said the prosecutors had also issued grand jury subpoenas to a number of the 20 people and entities — including both potential witnesses and people who have come under scrutiny in the inquiry — that received subpoenas last week from a New Jersey legislative committee whose investigation largely parallels the federal inquiry.

“We can confirm that the Christie for Governor re-election campaign and the New Jersey Republican State Committee received subpoenas for documents from the U.S. Attorney’s office, in addition to the subpoena the campaign previously received from the state legislative committee,” the lawyer, Mark D. Sheridan, said in an email.

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