Why employ the local people?  Lets ship in hundreds of thousands of immigrants on free unearned VISAs and let them do the work instead for 1/2 the price.

Via Crains Detroit:

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will announce a plan this morning to ask the Obama administration to set aside thousands of work visas to entice talented immigrants to live and work in bankrupt Detroit.

The Republican governor told The Associated Press in an interview he is seeking 50,000 work visas solely for the city over five years. The type of visas involved currently are not allocated by region or state, and go to legal immigrants with advanced degrees or who show exceptional ability in certain fields.

Under his unique proposal, one-quarter of the country’s 40,000 annual EB-2 visas would be designated for such immigrants willing to live and work for five years in Detroit, home to the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history and whose neighborhoods have been hollowed out by the city’s long population decline.

“This is very exciting. If you look at one of the key opportunities to accelerate the comeback of Detroit, it would really be this program,” Snyder said in an interview Wednesday after announcing planned legislation to commit state aid to shore up Detroit pension funds and prevent the sale of valuable city-owned art in bankruptcy proceedings.

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