Move over, Jared, here comes Mooch.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama is getting a new ally in her campaign to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The first lady was expected to announce Thursday that the Subway sandwich chain will spend $41 million over three years to encourage finicky young eaters to eat more food that comes out of the ground or grows on trees. The announcement was being made at a Subway shop near the White House.

Subway will only offer a kids’ menu that mirrors federal standards for school lunches. That includes offering apples on the side and low-fat or nonfat plain milk or water as a default beverage.

“It’s a natural extension of what we do,” Tony Pace, Subway’s chief marketing officer, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. The chain offers a line of lean-meat and vegetable sandwiches that have been certified by the American Heart Association, as well as a trio of breakfast sandwiches each with less than 200 calories.

Pace said the public is becoming more aware of nutrition and the need to make healthier food choices.

Sam Kass, a White House chef and executive director of the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, told The AP that Subway was “raising the bar for what a responsible, quick-service restaurant can do to help support the health of the nation.”

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