No, not satire.

Via The Root:

If the president of the United States says legalizing marijuana is all good, then it must be, right? If the first two states to fully legalize pot are sending their NFL teams to the Super Bowl, then the green stuff must not be all that bad, correct? And if 55 percent of Americans are fine with legalizing it, according to a recent CNN-ORC poll, then a debate on the merits of keeping it illegal must be moot, cool?

Maybe not. Many seem all too eager to legalize. But what happens to the pricing model? And will access—like all great American pastimes—end up segregated by race and income?

There’s an interesting sense of urgency to legalize as mass faux-libertarian movements of mostly white college-age kids want to reinvent Woodstock. The parents are worried about that. Teen marijuana usage is up, due largely to the plant drug’s branding success.

Hence, the rush to legalize comes at all too convenient a time for certain population groups who didn’t have to worry about the wrath of prohibition these past 75 years.

Politicians see a political opening in this. Party strategists may have found their gateway talking point into the good graces of young voters jaded by politics as usual. Democrats need youth voters back and ready for 2016 before the hemorrhaging known as Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency gets any worse. Republicans are becoming convinced that crazy old Ron Paul was actually on to something with his army of fanatical young libertarians who road-tripped with him from primary to primary.

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