Why, no, the Democrats don’t have a problem with fundraising off dead babies.


Boehner surely didn’t bargain for this:

Since we alerted you to Republicans’ revolting anti-choice agenda, your response has been stunning! Grassroots Democrats are standing up all across the country and declaring that they’ve had ENOUGH.

If we can hit 5,000 donations to our Women’s Health Rapid Response Fund on today’s historic anniversary of Roe v. Wade, that would be a HUGE blow to Boehner and the Republicans’ anti-woman agenda.

Name: Drew Fell
Supporter record: 9610632
Suggested Support: $3.00

If you contribute $3 or more on today’s anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we’ll match your donation dollar-for-dollar

We will not stand silent while Republicans bring a bill to the House floor that could force rape survivors to face “abortion audits.”

Let’s show Boehner that there are consequences for Republicans’ unrelenting war on women:


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