As much as I hate doing it, the annual donation drive really helps keep the site afloat during the lean times at the beginning of the year. The first quarter is always bad for ad revenue but this year is the worst I’ve seen it, down more than 70% from December. If you can spare it, great, if you can’t, no big deal.

You can use the “Bail Money” directly to the left on the left sidebar for PayPal, if you want to send a check email me at [email protected]

UPDATE: The outpouring of support is amazing, you guys are the best and I can’t thank you enough. I responded to each donation but a few of the emails came back undeliverable so if you donated and didn’t hear back from me, thank you!

I’m going to un-sticky this post from the top of the page (I’m sure everyone is sick of seeing it).

Thanks again!