And the prize for dumbassery goes to . . .

Via Tim Blair:

Unintentional Antarctic resident Chris Turney, leader of the ship of fools, wins a prize:

“Professor Chris Turney has been awarded the 2014 Frederick White Prize for his research on understanding past and present climate change and on improving climate change models.

Professor Turney is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow in the UNSW Climate Change Research Centre.

The prize, awarded biennially, recognises the achievements of scientists in Australia who are engaged in research of intrinsic scientific merit that has contributed to community interests, rural or industrial progress, or the understanding of natural phenomena.

Professor Turney is expected to arrive back in Australia today, after leading the 2013-2014 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, a scientific program aimed at increasing our knowledge of the vital Antarctic region.

“I am absolutely delighted and incredibly humbled to receive such a prestigious award,” Professor Turney said.”