No suprise considering the piece was written by former Obama adviser Joshua DuBois.

On Faith: Martin Luther King Jr.’s struggles can lead way for Obama as he faces difficulties – Washington Post

. . . Like King, the president may find that as he holds onto his core ideals without compromise — as we saw him do in the government shutdown negotiations — he’ll be buttressed by public support and inner clarity that the purity of principle brings.

And as the president hits the road this year and surrounds himself with those he’s trying to help — Americans who have lost their health insurance, students desperate for an affordable college education, unemployed workers seeking a lifeline — he may find, like King, that the cheers and admonishments from everyday people can provide fuel for his final years in office.

And just like King, the president might be renewed by his inner compass, his sense of purpose, his conversations with God. It was these late-night conversations that allowed King to endure murderous phone calls and official intransigence.

A great deal can be learned from King’s triumphs and even more from his failures. There are lessons in these low moments for the president of the United States, and perhaps for each of us, as well.

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