Anyone recall MLK saying “God damn America!” and gloating over the death of thousands in a terror attack?

Via EAG News:

Would the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have ever shouted out the words “God damn America”?

Would King have suggested that Americans had no right to be upset about the events of 9/11/2001 because of the horrible things we have supposedly done to nations around the world?

In short, was King a political radical and racist who worked to drive a wedge between the races in our nation?

The answer to those questions is an obvious no. King’s goal was unity, healing and making the American dream possible for all people.

So why did the Chicago Teachers Union invite the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright,  a man who stands for hatred and division, to be the keynote speaker at its MLK Day event on Monday?

Crain’s Chicago Business reported, “The union’s faith outreach coordinator, Audrey May, said that while Mr. Wright may be controversial, ‘Dr. King was a controversial person also. Who better to address our audience than Rev. Wright?’”

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