This is like me walking up to Mike Tyson and punching him in the face, then I tell everyone I beat him up seconds before he pummels me into a coma.

Drew —

When record-low temperatures swept across the country last week, we heard from so many of the usual suspects eager to deny climate change.

Folks like Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, and leading climate change denier in Congress James Inhofe all quickly jumped in to declare that the cold weather disproves global warming.

But then something different happened: People who actually understand the science pushed back — strongly. Here are just a few examples:

— On the “Today Show,” Al Roker took a minute to pull up the entry for the polar vortex from a meteorology glossary dating back to 1959, mocking the notion that the term was some climate conspiracy — and it was pretty awesome to watch.

— Politifact gave Rush Limbaugh a “pants-on-fire” rating for his allegation that the polar vortex was something fabricated by the media to try to blame global warming for the cold weather.

— Matt Sampson and Carl Parker at the Weather Channel filmed a great short clip destroying the notion that a polar vortex could disprove global warming.

That’s how you know that, together, we’re successfully changing the conversation on climate.


Across the country, more people understand that extreme weather — of all types — is happening more and more every year, and it’s because our climate is changing.


Thanks for all your hard work — keep it up,


Ivan Frishberg
Climate Change Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action