“History In Pix” is a twitter account that tweets out historical pictures. They have over 352,000 followers and usually tweet out some interesting historical pictures.

Today they made something of a double faux pas.

First they tweeted out a picture, allegedly of John Lennon and Che Guevara playing guitar together.

While Lennon and Guevara at points in their lives had long hair, somehow I don’t think they ever had sex change operations.

History In Pix then pulled the errant tweet, and replaced it with this:

Except the above picture is a fake, the two never met. “Bull shit” says a Beatle expert whom I consulted, “Never happened”.

Here’s the original picture, before the Che head was photoshopped on it, Lennon playing with a friend, Wayne Gabriel:
Lennon with Friend

Good thing most of us don’t learn our history from Twitter…