Via Daily Mail:

Seven dangerous Al-Qaeda suspects are to be freed from Government curfews and able to walk the streets within days, it has emerged.

The men, some of whom are suspected of plotting to kill thousands on transatlantic airliners, will no longer be bound by electronic tags or curfew restrictions after the terrorism prevention orders are lifted.

The measures were introduced in 2012 to replace Labour government rules which, according to the Liberal Democrats, undermined the suspects’ human rights.

However they only last two years unless the government can prove the suspects have engaged in ‘new’ terrorist-related activity.

Among the seven due to be freed this month is a would-be suicide bomber known only by his initials, AM.

The Sunday Times reports the 26-year-old was involved in what investigators called ‘Operation Overt’, a plot to attack flights from London to America in 2006.

Another is, BF, a former train driver who was part of a group of British extremists seeking terrorist training in Pakistan.

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