The whistleblower’s attorney previously had his office broken into in July, the break in-by a man and a woman- was actually caught on tape. Lots of valuables were left, but the pair stole computers and broke into files. The whistleblowers were delving into the scuttling of at least 8 investigations during the time that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and their investigation touched Hillary’s “fixer”, Cheryl Mills.

Can we say Watergate yet, kids? I knew we could…

Via NY Post:

WASHINGTON — The personal e-mail account of a State Department whis­tle­­blower was hacked, and four years worth of messages — some detailing alleged wrongdoing at the agency — were deleted, The Post has learned.

The computer attack targeted the Gmail account of Diplomatic Security Service criminal investigator Richard Higbie, his lawyer, Cary Schulman, confirmed.
“They took all of his e-mails and then they deleted them all,” said Schulman. He said that he could not prove who was responsible for the hack job, but said the attack was “sophisticated” and called the targeting of Higbie “alarming.”

“Obviously, somebody is not happy with something he’s doing and wanted to get that information and also cause him an inability in the future to have ready access to that,” Schulman said.

The e-mails included evidence about misconduct by top officials at the department, communications with other potential whistleblowers there, and correspondence with members of Congress who are investigating the allegations, Schulman said.

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