Ducks crossing road

The guy who was feeding the ducks at the time said he didn’t even slow down. But don’t worry, Republicans are still the heartless bastards.

Via TPM:

He said the ducks had it coming.

New Hampshire state Rep. David Campbell (D) said in an interview published Sunday that he was the driver of a BMW that ran over a group of ducks that “didn’t move” out of his way outside a hotel last week in Nashua, N.H.

The Nashua Telegraph newspaper reported that a witness said “as many as six” ducks were hit on Dec. 23 outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

“I hit some ducks,” Campbell told the newspaper. “Some people were feeding ducks on the driveway in front of the Crowne Plaza at 10 o’clock at night … and they didn’t move, and I hit some ducks.”

According to the Telegraph, a retired U.S. Marine from Florida named James Murphy was feeding the ducks when Campbell’s car approached.

“All of a sudden, this 5 Series BMW comes up, it’s going about 15 miles an hour, and then when he gets to the ducks, it’s not like it even slowed down,” Murphy said. “It just crushed all of the ducks.”

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