Just the other day Dyson was claiming Duck Dynasty is “part of a white supremacist culture.”

Via Mediaite:

Fresh on the heels of one MSNBC host’s program coming under fire after a panel mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted biracial grandson for being “not like the other” members of his family, Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson introduced another adopted biracial grandson into the national discourse – Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s. Dyson said that pointing out that Robertson has a mixed race relation does not absolve him of any culpability for making insensitive statements, just as having mixed race relationships did not absolve Abner Louima’s attacker after he forcibly sodomized the Haitian teen in 1997.

“What they are saying is that black people and gay people don’t count,” Dyson said of A&E Network’s decision to reinstate Robertson after a brief suspension. “They don’t matter to the bottom line.” […]

“The man who plunged a plunger deep into the behind of Abner Louima was himself dating a black woman when he did that heinous act,” the professor continued. “So, there is no one-to-one correlation between particular domestic intimacy with a black person or person of color and the behavior that you manifest that is either just or unjust.”

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