We’ve seen this countless times before, instead of admitting there is a serious problem within the black community they scream racism.

(News Channel 9) — Passions boil over at a community forum Thursday night where residents say a racial divide is splitting the city of Chattanooga. The forum was aimed at cutting down crime in the city.

It quickly turned from a discussion about fighting crime to an outburst of frustrations.

“What kind of help can we do to change their lives? Were supposed to be trying to change their lives and in order to do that, we’ve got to come up with solutions so they don’t be out here doing what they’re doing,” says a concerned resident.

Some residents say there’s truly a racial divide between blacks and the police. Many voiced their concerns after police called 32 black men the ‘worst of the worst’ in last month’s drug sweep.

“We’ve got them 32 young men who they say is the worst of the worst. They can’t be the worst of the worst because we got people killing each other every day, and that’s the worst of the worst. Innocent kids are passing away in the streets every day,” say a concerned resident.

“You mean to tell me there are no white drug dealers; there are no Mexican drug dealers. I’ve got a problem with that,” says a concerned resident.

Urban league president Warren Logan weighed in Friday.

“We obviously have a responsibility to make sure that when you do the crime, you’ve got to do the time,” says Urban League President Warren Logan.

On the other hand, he understands many of the resident’s frustrations.

“A number of people who are basically law-abiding citizens are often times profiled who are basically going down the streets, minding their own business, and they also have basically been victimized,” says Logan.