Of all the gutter trash white-hating race baiters on MSNBC, Dyson could be the worst (yes, I know that’s a bold statement).

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: It isn’t all created equal, you do know that. The mythology is that all interested parties should come to the table. But let’s not pretend that African-American people have had control of the law, where that they’ve indicated that Jim Crow was against poor white people. There’s not an equality of means of representing your interests or means of asserting oppression. When we have this mythology of all come to the table, let’s at least be honest about who has been provided opportunity to get their viewpoint broadcast more broadly. And Phil Robertson and the “Duck Dynasty” is part of a majority white supremacist culture that either consciously or unconsciously incubates hatred toward those who are different. (MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner, 12/27/2013)