Today marks the beginning of the left’s favorite fake holiday created by a black supremacist and violent felon.

Via Star Ledger:

It’s that time of year again – the time when lazy journalists go out and write puff pieces about a fake African holiday created by a psychopath who tortured black women.

If these characters would just do a Google search on Kwanzaa, they could find the truth about it in this link to a column I did debunking it.

My in-depth article on this originally ran in FrontPage Magazine back in 2002. It’s easily found on the Internet by any journalist willing to do the tiniest bit of research into Kwanzaa. At the time I had to pore through a year’s worth of microfilm to find the original Los Angeles Times articles on the case. That took hours. These days It’s available online.

I also dug up the legal record of the case that included a mental examination that showed Karenga was delusional at the time of his imprisonment. It’s all in that article. I like to link to it this time every year as a corrective to all of the dreadful journalism that occurs in every report of Kwanzaa.

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