These people couldn’t be any more detached from reality if they tried.

Via Daily Beast:

There isn’t a majority that opposes the Affordable Care Act because it’s too liberal, in fact, a good number of Americans don’t think it’s liberal enough.
Today’s CNN poll (PDF) on the Affordable Care Act seems like a blow to supporters of the law. When asked if they “generally favor or generally oppose” the president’s health care overhaul, only 35 percent say they “favor.” The large majority—65 percent—say they “oppose.”

For Republicans who have staked their entire message on opposition to Obamacare, this looks like vindication. Not only was the rollout a disaster, but now, the public has turned decisively against the effort. Why would they stop the attacks and calls for repeal if Americans are united in disdain for the law?

The problem for Republicans—and the good news for supporters—is that the results are a little more complicated than they look. In addition to the binary question about support or opposition, CNN also asked respondents to explain their position on the law. Do they oppose the legislation because it’s too liberal, or do they oppose it because it’s not liberal enough.

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