So let me get this straight, Worker’s Organizing Committee of Chicago convinces the employees of Snarf’s Sub Shop to go on strike for higher wages, closing the business, and the business, which already wasn’t doing well, is now forced to close.

The picture above is some of the employees celebrating shutting down the restaurant during the strike.

But hey, guess that “Fight For 15” was really worth it, guys…

Via Daily Mail:

A Chicago sandwich shop has fired all its employees over email just days before Christmas.

Staff at Snarf’s Sub Shop in River North received the bad news on Sunday night in a group email notifying them that the drastic action was effective immediately.
The company blamed ‘increased competition and losses’ for the firings.

Director of operations Doug Besant said in the email the restaurant will likely close for a month as they remodel and reconcept the business into a burger joint.

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