Da Joooos and their evil mind-control rays.

Via Free Beacon:

Senior Iranian officials lashed out at the Obama administration on Wednesday for what they called its “breach” of a recently signed nuclear accord, accusing the White House of taking its cue from “radical Zionist lobbies”—a position that Iran claims European negotiators agree with.

The rhetoric comes as nuclear talks between Tehran and the West broke down after the United States announced greater sanctions on Iran.

The Iranian government’s confrontation with the administration was accompanied by multiple military announcements, including the claim from a top military official that “Iran is the fifth missile power in the world.”

After the Iranians broke off talks late last week, U.S. officials admitted they are “very skeptical” that Tehran will agree to a final nuclear deal despite a plan to get the parties back to the bargaining table.

The Iranians responded this week by accusing the White House of breaching the interim accord, which is meant to temporarily halt portions of Iran’s contested uranium enrichment program.

“During the two days of my meetings with European delegations, they criticized the U.S. for its breach of the Geneva agreement and said that the U.S. obeys radical Zionist lobbies and individuals who have exerted pressure on that country,” Hashemi Rafsanjani, the chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council, was quoted as saying on Tuesday by Iran’s state-run media.

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