But Nancy Pelosi said she couldn’t think of another thing to cut. How about cut the lies, and the waste?

Via NY Post:

WASHINGTON – While the White House and Congress griped this year about the pain of automatic budget cuts, the federal government still managed to spend billions of dollars on seemingly frivolous projects – from a $384,989 grant for Yale University to study the duck penis to $1.9 million for “lifestyle” lessons for Senate staffers.

Nearly $30 billion in questionable federal spending is detailed in the “Wastebook” that was released Tuesday by the Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who annually compiles the report.

“Washington has reversed the wisdom of the old cliché that less is needed when less is wasted,” Coburn wrote in the report. “Every branch of government bickered this year over the need to spend more (while continuing to misspend) with an attitude of ‘waste more, want more!’”

Near the top of the report’s list of 100 wasteful projects was $319 million initially spent building the defective ObamaCare Web site, coupled with a $684 million ad campaign to get Americans to visit it.

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